City beautiful at night

Pekanbaru city is a town crowded. There are many people busy with their job each other on the day. Generally, they work from moorning until afternoon but there are some people have job at night. So, although some people go to sleep at night, still there are other people do their activity. Exactly, some place like Hotels, Shopping center, night market, the big road and etc.

As long on sudirman street, There are many Durian fruit available for sell at night. The durian fruit can be eaten over there or they can eat in their home each other. Usually, if durian fruit is eaten over there, it can eaten with other food like gum rice. So, it’s very delicious.Other then, as long Sudirman street, there are many ornament lamps in side left and side right . Ornament lamps are different style one by one. There are like coconut tree style, areca palm tree style, flowers style, rings and any more. Ornament lamps are taken on the buildings or goverment office, mosque, church, the building of school, the building of hotel and etc.

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  1. wah artikel bagus nih

  2. Gimana nih cara buat template?

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